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Sunday, Oct. 06, 2002 - 3:00 p.m.

IF Project OCTOBER 2002 Question:

If it were deemed safe, would you be willing to have technological gadgetry surgically implanted into your body? At what point would you draw the line?

This comes at an interesting time because just a few days ago I finished reading a "ROSIE" article about a mother who wanted to implant a chip in her child's body to help prevent people from kidnapping her, by being an essential homing device. It would work in the same concept as the chip inserted in a dog in case they run away, get lost, or dog-napped.

I have to say that the idea, at first, appalled me. I feel as if there is no line anymore that can be crossed because the line is always being pushed back farther. Why is it that people always feel the need to mess with the human body in ways that really shouldn't be messed with? I understand testing, such as diseases and medicines. If we didn't do these things, we would never learn more about how our bodies work and how to help in the long run. But then we get into cloning, electronic chips, and such into our bodies and the whole concept doesn't feel...right.

But as a parent, I understand this woman's point of view about her child. I'm not really sure if I would do it to Parker, but I know I won't be inserting anything into my body any time soon.

And the thing is, is that I'm not sure who should decide what could or couldn't be inserted into a child's body. Yes, parents are parents, but I don't think it's really our decision either. But then, letting the government decide is a whole other ballgame that just doesn't sit will with me.

But I'm really getting off topic. The question asked if I would ever do it. I guess it would depend on what gadgetry it was. It wouldn't matter whether it was safe or not, it would have more to do with what I'd be willing to put into my body. And the fine line that shouldn't be crossed? I can't even imagine what stuff will come out 10 years from now that I can't even think of now that would be crossing the line.




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