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2001-04-17 - 2:24 p.m.

Hey everyone!

Anyways, as a gold member, I get to create some so...

1) Life. I really wanted to call it "My Life" or "That's Life" but the darn thing won't let you have spaces or any symbols except dashes. Oh well, in any case. I thought it was a perfect subject because some many people on here talk about their life, like I especially do, lol. We talk about our secrets, the people we love, who we hate. It's our haven, our place away from the world where it's just you and the computer screen. For me, it's an outlet for everything I'm feeling and dealing with.

2) Goldmembers. It is, of course, for Gold Members. I did this mainly so that everyone who is one, can have their own special place to call their own. So, if you want to join and are one, please sign up. And if you want to join and aren't a gold member yet. Go here and sign up. It's an awesome program!!!

3) Youvegotmail. Which actually translates to "You've Got Mail!" I love the sound of that voice when I open my mailbox, so I decided that since I'm a junkie at heart, I'd have to make a ring for it as well for everyone else. Don't worry..this one is open to everyone. ;)

4) Capesidepals. This ring is for every diarylander that is part of the very special Capeside Pals yahoo groups list. To see what I'm talking about go- Here and see if you'd like to join!

Revised on June 10, 2002

It has come to my attention that rules need to be added for these rings, even though some are open to everyone.

First of all, the link must be up on some page of your journal. You can modify it or do whatever you like with it as long as it is on the journal so where and that does not mean in an entry. It needs to be on the main page or a links/rings page. It's that simple.
Second of all, If you have a locked journal...forget it. I go back and check once in awhile and I just don't see the sense in joining a ring if people can't view your journal.
Thirdly, if you do not update in the course of 3 months, you'll be deleted. In that time period I will assume that you aren't coming back, which takes you out of the ring.

Thanks a lot for joining my rings! Later all-




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