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Friday- April 19, 2001 - 3:21-3:39am

So, I'm sorry for anyone who came on my page and found that stupid entry about my diaryrings...again. I was changing my stuff around and in turn I had to redo the entry and when I came up as my recent one, so if you really want to know what was going on, go back one before that.

In any case, I should have written in here yesterday because that was when a lot of shit happened that I need to talk about now. After my talk with Jared about his friend Robert, I went and talked to Jeremy and told him about what has been going on with Jared and he then wanted to hear about Robert (basically because he likes Robert.) I really am starting to dislike Robert solely for his name. In any case, I guess I have been holding a lot of stuff inside of me, primarily about my mom and about work. I'm scared for what can/could happen to her after the scare about a week ago and work is just...well, work. I can't deal with what's going down there and no one will listen to me about it, including my store manager. Later that night, Jeremy decided he wanted to go to a movie, so I go up the store to find that some stuff has gone wrong and I could get blamed for it (I would go into detail, but I'm just not even caring about it now) so, I get really wigged out. I mean seriously, I didn't even feel like myself with all the stress, so I through Luevonna (who was working as well) my store keys and tell her I'm taking off. I get in the car, squeal out of the parking lot and just drive. I drove for like 3 hours, while my cell phone rang, rang, and more rang. I eventually put it on silent because I could still hear it over the blaring music. I went by my house and found Luevonna sitting in front of it. I voomed off, pissed that I couldn't even go home in peace and stayed out for another hour or so. It got to the point where I really just wanted to drive the car into a brick wall and when that feeling took hold, I knew I needed to get home. I started back and as I was about 5 minutes away, something happened.

Now, I must stop the story for a second to explain that I've never gotten a ticket, nor have I ever even gotten pulled over before, but I have this tendency to speed a lot. I have a lead foot, it's something I've come to accept and so far I haven't gotten in trouble, but something with the fates turned and a cop pulled me over. I was doing 65 in a 45 mph zone. Yeah, a big no-no, I know. A $140 ticket. My first offense and $140??? I almost choked on the drink I was swallowing down while he explaining it to me. I knew my parent's were going to kill me and when I finally got home, Luevonna was freaking out, she told me Jeremy was freaking out (which totally surprised me) and ect...I finally just gave her a short version of my stress factor, chalked the experience up to incrediable messed up teenage stuff and went to bed.

Today I told my mom about my ticket. You know what she did?


Yup, she laughed and I, in turn, went into shock, lol. My mom has always been pretty good at taking news, but I didn't expect her to laugh. She broke the news to my father (who was/is the person I was most worried about) and I haven't talked to him yet, so I don't know what he's got to say yet. I'm sure I'll hear something though, my dad can't help but speak about how he feels and you listen whether you like to or not. I've got to work another 2 days straight, so if I don't write within then, I'll write Saturday, which is my next day off.



Watching- Finding Forrester

Drinking- Country Time Lemonade

Eating- Ben & Jerry's Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Listening to- "Survivor" by Destiny's Child




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