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Friday, Dec. 27, 2002 - 2:27 a.m.

I know, I know...I should have been updating.

It's not like nothing has been going on with me, because plenty of stuff has, I just haven't felt much up to writing lately.

I've also been involved in an RPG game that has taken way more time than I thought it would--for anyone interested I am him in an RPG game based on celebrities. Don't feel completely clueless if you don't know him, most people besides huge "Buffy" fans do.

Christmas here at home was not what I expected. I expected arguments, I expected problems, but there really weren't either. I, in fact, got to have Parker with me on Christmas Eve and Kory gave me Christmas day off. I got tons of new stuff for my car, some gift certificates, and that's about it. I loved watching Luevonna and Eric open their gifts with such awe and excitement since they weren't sure at all what they would be getting. Eric was very surprised and even gave me a huge and thanked me for such a nice holiday. I ended up eating dinner with Luevonna, her mother, grandmother, and Parker instead of my family. That wasn't planned at all, but it ended up that way. The traditions that I hold so dear to my family were actually followed through this year, except for having the fire in the fireplace because it was pouring down rain all day and night for the holiday. Thankfully though, it was cold and sunny on Christmas day here in Florida which was exactly what I wished for the night before.

I wanted to send out so many cards for the holidays and I never got around to, not even virtual ones for my friends on here and my real-life ones. I'm sorry everyone, because I did not forget about any of you, you all were in my hopes and prayers that day.

You would think with all the goodness of Christmas day things would be going better for Eric, Luevonna, and I. But that is further from the truth, in fact, everyday the rift between Luevonna and I grows bigger and bigger. But I do plan on taking Daizy's advice and having a few days to myself. I'm requesting some days off for the week after next, once one of the managers comes back from vacation.

I promise to try and be back later with more updates. For now, I need to go through and read up on everyone else.




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