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Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002 - 1:43 a.m.

Remember how I said that I wasn't sure how the 13th would really go until the end of the day? I was right, I would have no idea.

Let's see, first I found out that the accident that I got into months ago (the one where I got the concussion) is requiring me to go to court now, in March, no less...but I don't have to pay the ticket till then (but it may be more than it originally was of $78).

So, I think, yes, more money, well then...I get pulled over for speeding this morning for going 48 in a 35mph zone. I'm not so sure I was doing that, but the officer says he'll cut me a break, but I have to pay a $42 ticket. He also pulled over 3 other people along with me, so I didn't feel as badly.

Then, I go to my doctor's appointment and find out I don't have to pay any fee, which I usually do. So, yes, more money again, after the new ticket thing.

Then, I come home and find out that two of my checks have bounced, so I have to pay those back, plus fees towards each.

Oh, and then there's the ebay auction that I transacted with and have now blocked me from buying from them ever, because I had a problem with what they sold me and instead of emailing them so they could fix it, I wrote what was wrong in my feedback to them. And then threaten to leave nasty feedback for me!

I'm hoping tomorrow comes out better than this.




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