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Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2002 - 11:39 p.m.

Currently I'm...

Listening to: "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson

Reading: Parents/American Baby magazines

Watching: Hollywood Ending/Proof Positive

Eating: Pizza Huts' Chicago Style Pie (yuck!)

Drinking: Cherry Coke

Anticipating: Getting the new Sandra Brown book in the mail, along with new winter clothes for Parker, and two new CD's- Jennifer Love Hewitt's Barenaked and American Idol's Greatest Moments and the DVD from the show.

I realize it's been awhile since I've written a real entry in over a week but I haven't really felt like writing at all. There has been plenty to talk about, just...haven't wanted to.

Work has been going well, as well as can be expected. I've been working over 40 hour weeks for the past two weeks, which is a lot for me and it's been taking the negative effect on me. Taking the Prozac again has been doing something to me though, because I'm handling things better. I'm still feeling wickedly strange, but that's because this is the transition phase. The phase where I'm not where I should or can be yet. I'm Just letting things bounce off of me and feeling the anger build up in me, but not really expressing it much. That's the thing about the medicine, I still feel everything like before, but I just act differently when confronted with the feelings.

Luevonna is still not acting any differently with me. She's still saying one thing and acting a completely different way.

Jennifer and Jeremy have been floating in and out for the past week or so. Jennifer appears to only want me around to do her dirty work concerning one of the guys she messed with i.e. wanting me to talk with him and such. Jeremy is moving into a new apartment that he wanted me to live in with him, but it was a 1-bedroom and he wanted $250 a month from me. What the hell kind of a deal is that??

And I don't feel like writing any more right now, I'll try again tomorrow. :)




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