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Thursday, Oct. 17, 2002 - 1:42 a.m.

Yes, I realize my graphics aren't working on this damn, stupid journal. I hate Diaryland and frankly, right now I hate people.

As you all know, I write stories, and I tried my first hand at a ER fanfiction story about the former Lucy and Carter and I posted it at I now remember why I left there, because all day my inbox has been filled with points that were wrong in my story from the show. You see, I didn't watch the show for a couple of seasons so I wasn't sure about every detail, but I've had everyone and their mother tell me what I wrote wrong in the course of about 24 hours. Oh, and did I mention the girl who told me that I was copying someone else's story because a long time ago there was one just like it? Whatever. I'll fix the stupid story and post it somewhere where there are no 13 year old teeny bopper wannabees that write stories that have no grammar skills or correct spelling in them.

I hate when people don't critique my work, they slam it. What kind of help does that give someone? Especially when they can't write worth a damn either?

Stupid Diaryland, stupid, stupid people everywhere.




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