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Monday, Jun. 09, 2003 - 4:04 a.m.

I just finished watching the movie "Frida", that comes out Tuesday on video. It's different, but very interesting. She's a famous artist, who marries a man who cheats on her, which she goes along with, until he sleeps with her sister. That's just part of the movie, I recommend it to anyone who wouldn't mind opening their mind up to some interesting new things.

But it got me thinking...what is it about sex that makes people do such stupid things? I don't mean in just the movies, or books, but in real life you hear about it with murders. And then there's infidelity in marriage, and that makes me think some about Eric and then Luevonna. But also so much more.

Why is it that people sleep around? How can a man or women be married to someone and then sleep with a sibling? How does a person sleep with someone who's in a marriage? I don't understand. Maybe it's because I've never actually had sex with a man. Maybe it's just so awestruck and exciting to fuck, that people just don't think. I mean...marriage is a holy thing. If you don't want to be with someone, don't marry them. That's my opinion. It sounds so simple, and yet, seems to be so difficult. How do you fuck someone and it not be intimate? You look at them, you see into their face and you don't see what you're actually doing? You don't think about the lives around you? Children? Family? Dear friends?

And people don't just do it once sometimes. They do it more than that. How do you finally think about it after it's over and then do it again? How do you justify something like that? The betrayal to your children, to your spouse? Luevonna never really ever justified it. She did in her head but never to anyone else. No one ever saw it from her or Eric. They couldn't say anything that could make sense. Because it didn't make sense. But men and women just do things like that and I just don't understand. Let's picture this for a moment-

A man and woman are married with two children. The woman ends up having an affair with her husband's brother. Neither one are drunk or on drugs, their completely of sound mind and body. As they fuck one another, and I hate to sound so candid, but they are pounding into each other, moaning and groaning from the satisfaction. Seriously, neither one is thinking about her children? Her flesh and blood, the very people that are on a mother's mind 102% of the time, and she doesn't see them, doesn't care. The man isn't thinking of his brother, his flesh and blood. And not just once do they fuck, the meet every other weekend or so to do this. *shakes my head*

I don't get it! Marriage is special, children are incredible blessings, family and friends trust one another.

And all of it get's betrayed simply because someone wants to fuck another. Someone can't do anything else except spread their legs in enjoyment.

That's sad. Very sad. And sick. Very sick.



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