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Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002 - 2:21 a.m.

This is me and my bundle of joy.

My bundle of joy almost drown yesterday morning with Eric and Luevonna.

Eric was filling the bathtub to take a bath and he let Parker crawl around in the bathroom. He walked out as it was filling up and Parker pitched himself over the side of the tub into about 6 inches of water. He bumped his head and swallowed a lot of water. He's okay now.

I haven't gotten to see him yet.

I haven't gotten to hold him yet and tell him that I love him.

My heart stopped for a second as Luevonna relayed the story to me.

And what does Luevonna say..."It was a mistake, things like this happen!"

Bull shit, Luevonna. Things like this happen when you aren't careful. Just like when Parker tried to put a twist tie in his mouth the other day that was laying on the ground of the apartment or when I try to comb his hair and I realize that the comb has been sitting in spilled soda for about a day or so and is completely sticky. It's about the huge tv being unbalanced on a small stand so that he can pull it over on him (thankfully he hasn't yet).

Bull fucking shit, Luevonna. It's all excuses, all fucking lies to make yourself feel better.

"Eric and I were crying so hard, he was so sorry he did it," she says.

What the hell good is that going to do the next time he ends up dead from choking, drowning, or what have you?

I don't want to hear she's sorry, I want to hear a plan to stop accidents from happening.

This is the time I know God watched over me...or someone did.




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