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Friday, Jun. 13, 2003 - 6:24 p.m.

I need to take a moment and rant about work. And then I need lovely messages telling me that I'm right. ;)

I tend to be stressed at work. Okay, I tend to be stressed in general. But, work people only see me at work, so I lead them to believe that I'm only stressed there. So, sometimes I get upset about something or whatever and people love to tease me. "Stop stressing out", "You need to calm down." Stuff like that. But, that isn't always the case. Sometimes I get upset about something and it's not just because I'm stressed but because wonder of wonders, it is actually something that we should be worried about. I know, it's a radical idea, but I appear to be the only person who is like that.

So, today it's 5pm. I actually worked a day shift, so I'm finishing up my work preparing to leave. The night people come in. They clock in. Saanjaay, the manager is in our pit area preparing his notes and such for our little hundle meeting that we have with all the workers to establish goals and stuff. The other two works, go stand on the floor, talking to one another. Two people come into the store, they don't say hello to them, or anything. A child comes up wanting to find something, and stands there for a minute at the counter and neither one of the workers is even paying attention. Basically...a bus could have drove into the store and I don't think they'd have noticed. Not even Saanjaay looked up from what he was doing to see what was going on. I forgive him though, he knew the other person and I, the day people, were on duty and it was our primary time to do such things. So, I stop what I'm doing to help the child. I go look in our drop box for a movie he wants. While my head is in the box, Saanjaay tells me that I have a customer at the counter that needs help. I stand up, look at the two on the floor and say in a not so nice way "What are you both doing?", they look up and say "Waiting for the shift huddle meeting." So I go "Did Saanjaay just tell you to stand there or couldn't you be doing something else?" So...they look at one another like I just grew another head and I finish with the kid and walk over to help the customer. I say kindly to Saanjaay as I walk over "Did you tell them to just stand there doing nothing, because that's what their doing." I help the customer and don't say anything else, because I didn't want our work stuff being overheard by the customers and Saanjaay walks by me and the customer and goes "You need to chill out."

I think I grew another head there because the amount of rage I had couldn't have fit into just one head. He goes over, they all talk, they all go off to do things and then I tell Saanjaay that I don't appreciate being told to chill out. He says he doesn't appreciate me being nasty to his workers for doing what he told them to do. I try to explain about the customers and such and a customer walks up so I stop. He goes "We'll talk about this later." I glare at him and say there's nothing more to discuss. So, I'm getting ready to leave and Anne, who I was working with comes up and asks me if I'm alright and I say yes. She says "It's rumored that you were yelling at people."

First of all, why is it when people say something that their upset about, it's always called yelling? Or maybe that just happens to me. Because...I don't yell. Especially at work. I just don't. No matter how bad I feel or how upset I am, I don't do it. It's the one thing I figured no one would be able to accuse me of. But, alas, that's what people think I do. Maybe it's because I just consider yelling meaning raising your voice, which I don't do. Maybe it means something else more than that.

I don't know and I don't care. I had a perfectly nice day and within 30 minutes it turned shitty. I hate work.



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