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Monday, Dec. 09, 2002 - 2:35 a.m.

I haven't died or anything like that.

I'm just sick. Again.

And things haven't been oh so great in casa AngelGirl95, so I haven't felt much up to writing at all.

Things came crashing about oh, I'd say about two weeks ago. This new anti-depressant medicine the doctor gave me isn't doing anything at all. I'm really glad I'm going to see him again on Friday, hopefully he can up the dose or something.

Money has been really tight. I've over-budgeted myself and am in extreme debt. I'm just wondering who is going to get burned in the process. Or go to jail because of bounced checks again. I'm really dead.

Basically, the only reason it's like this is because Eric and Luevonna can't buy anything. They couldn't even make their rent this past month, so they had to borrow the money. So, I'm doing the shopping to over-compensate for their lazy ass selves.

Work has been shitty as well. Tonight I did a no-no. Someone came in and wanted to buy an X-Box system. Now, due to a snatch and grab guy who has been going store to store in our city about two months ago, we were told to either ring the system up before bringing it out or when you bring it out, put it behind the counter until they've paid. No opening of the product, or showing of the product. Now, I've sold tons of these systems and not had a problem because I've kept them behind the counter, but tonight, I brought it out and the guy wanted to see it. So, I held on to it, but he grabbed it out of my hands. He sat it up on the counter and as I came up next to him, he started bolting out the door. I actually tripped him and he fell down, dropping the games he had tried to swipe with the system so I got those back, but the damn little punk took off with the system. Two customers went after him, but he was gone. I called Kory and of course he was pissed off, because I didn't follow procedure.

Kory can fuck off, for all I care.

I'm tired, I'm off to eat more leftover turkey and watch a movie.




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