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Friday, Nov. 29, 2002 - 2:58 a.m.

I've been wanting to write, just...haven't done so.

Work has been massively messed up lately, what with Thanksgiving week rush and Kory taking his vacation. Then, we had one of our CSR's quit on Sunday so we were even more swamped than usual. I simply wonder what in the world is going to happen when the big head guy, Jim comes in on Saturday and the store looks like hell mowed over twice? Oh, and then when Kory comes back on Monday and tells us what a lousy job we've done after working so hard, even if it was only my 45-hour week.

People still say I'm stressed at work, but I've been doing better, it's just been the last day or so what with all the busy traffic coming through and the demands of my time, since I appear to know more than both Debbie and Saanjaay put together.

While I've been home, I've been watching my copies of Roswell Season 2 that I got off of ebay. I only really watched the first season, which I *loved*, half watched the second one, and never watched the third. So, I'm catching up right now. I also have on order, Felicity Season 1 on DVD and Buffy Season's 2, 3 on DVD which I'm going to get right after X-Mas. I have serious WB problems. ;)

Almost done with my X-Mas shopping. The only massive thing I need to do is go out and buy Parker's toys and clothes. And I have to find something for Kory and my dad.

Luevonna, Eric, and I are not doing much better. In fact, in the past week since I've been spending more time with Parker, Luevonna and I have fought much more and the more sense that I think I'm making...the more into Eric she gets, if that seems possible.

I'm completely and utterly confused right now about everything. And it's Thanksgiving today and I didn't get to see Parker at all. His first one, and I didn't even get to say anything to him on the phone. When I did get a chance to call, Luevonna never called back and she and Eric weren't home. They both suck.

I haven't mentioned today because I had to work and we'll be having ours on Sunday, which thankfully, I get to have Parker over for also.




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