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Sunday, Sept. 22, 2002 - 4:22 p.m.

I never mean to come on here and write about just bad news, but it always seems to go that way.

I found out yesterday that Jennifer is going to quit work. I guess some things have been going on around there this past week and she can't handle it. That and maybe the fact that Kory didn't put her on the schedule for next week.Oh, and then there's the other CSR who we thought had quit because he took his shirt off and threw it on the counter and walked out of the store in the middle of his shift and he's still working there.

I wonder what customers would think if they really knew what happened at their local, very money-hungry video store behind the scenes. The one who bleeds them dry of late-fees, but gives the same people over and over again a break as long as they know the right people. I wish so badly that I could build a website about my store, address and phone number and all, with every bit of information of what goes on so that people would boycott the whole fucking company. I only fear of getting a lawsuit against me. :p

Our family dog, Velvet, has to go get a biopsy done of this thing on her nose to see if it's cancerous or not tomorrow. We are all really scared because we always get our animals from the humane society and they all tend to die after about 5 years or so. If they last any longer than that, then we are deeply happy and surprised. Not only that but they normally die a not so pretty death that we've actually seen with some of them. It's really heartbreaking because they are part of the family. Just how I felt about my beloved Prince.

I have to stop writing now because I can't stand watching the ad box flashing "WINNER" and saying "If flashing, you've been selected, claim your prize." If I see if for more than a minute more I'm going to drop my computer on it's head.




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