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Monday, Sept. 16, 2002 - 10:46 p.m.

I just haven't written due to the fact that I've been in so much pain the last 2 days or so. It is so true the fact that you feel worse a day or so after the accident then right after the accident. I went to the doctor again today about my head. I still keep having dizziness and headaches. He thinks I suffered a concussion and is going to have some tests run on me at the hospital tomorrow to see if there is any internal damage to my brain. No work for 3 more days, this should be interesting.

I will get paid for the days lost, but I went in there tonight to let them know and everything is different now. It doesn't even feel like our store anymore and one of the CSR's quit. I think Kory is mad at me due to this whole thing and even though he can't fire me because of it, I just keep thinking that it's going to hang over my head for a long time. I'm like a noone there now, when before I was in charge of just about everything. And now one of the CSR's, Kristin, is talking about wanting to be in management. I just have this bad feeling about something.

But, then, when is that different from any other time, eh?

I got some Valium (yeah!) for my pain and it's starting to take hold, so I'll write later.




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