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Friday, Sept. 06, 2002 - 1:18 a.m.

Song of Choice: "Life Goes On" by LeAnn Rimes

I've been wanting to write, but I loved the last entry so much I didn't want to cover it up. :) Okay, so I've really just been too tired and scattered- brained. But I did love that entry as well.

I have to say that I'm still scared about this new manager coming over to my store. The only thing I know about him is that he's 23 (yes, freakin', 23 years old), married, and strict. So, now my store manager is only going to be one year older than me and Jennifer's new second job gets her almost as much pay as mine does now. I'm thinking that I'm either a sucker, or just not in the right field of work. If that weren't enough, I found the folder with everyone's evaluations and saw that the other manager, Saanjaay, is considered a Asst. Store Manager like Debbie, when he's only been with the company for 6 months and I'm a Shift Leader (which on the scale is below a ASM) who's been here 2 years. This just makes no sense to me. I'm really hoping that I can get my act together and show this Cory guy my stuff and get my fair shake in this company.

I took Luevonna with me to therapy today. I'm not whether I was just out of my tiny little brain or just plain nuts, but either way, I did it. It didn't really do well on any level, so I just didn't say anything to her afterwards about it. She's in love with Eric and our friendship...goes several notches below that.

I'm not sure what's really going on right now. I'm just feeling really "strange". What strange feeling I have is beyond me though. I'm going to have to think on this more.

Oh, and on the Parker homefront, today he held his bottle for a whole feeding without my help. :) He's crawling everywhere, standing and sitting up like a pro.




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