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Tuesday, Sept. 03, 2002 - 2:19 a.m.

Well, I must thank larawolfe for the positive vibes sent my way. Shame on the rest of you for not leaving me beautiful notes and guestbook entries for me to read and enjoy! Lara, you rock, sweetie. :)

In any case, if anyone is actually interested in what happened today. I did in fact make a resume last night and thought about going to Cocounts today, but then I thought that it was Labor Day and probably not a good idea. The big wig managers are never in on a holiday (no matter how small). So, I went to work tonight and I find out something that blew my mind.

Eric is getting transferred out of the store. He's switching places with another manager at another store. Starting next week, a guy named Cory will be my store manager.

The first two people that told me, I didn't believe at all. It seemed like fate was trying to play with my emotions and now? I feel strange. Relieved, yes. Scared, hell yeah. I don't do well with change. I know, I know, change can do wonders to another person. But like most things in my life, change doesn't normally bring good things into my life. It only brings worse things. But then again, that's my negative side showing it's ugly head and I'm not seeing all the benefits this is going to bring to me.

The store will be (hopefully) changed for the better. People who don't belong there will (hopefully) get canned and kicked out of the store. Maybe, just maybe, this will help me to get love of the job back and that in turn will help me move up the corporate ladder.

I got my evaluation done today and I was really scared about that, but I actually did better than I thought. I got average on almost everything, one below average, and about 5 things above average, which brought my score to a 191, a 201 is the highest for the range of "met expectations" and then you go to the next higher level, there's the next one and one final one...that even though they have, no one ever gets into that category, which makes no sense at all to me if they have it there for someone to get.

So, that was my day. Now, I need to eat something, watch tv, and figure out what I'm going to write for the If Project question for September.




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