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Sunday, Sept. 01, 2002 - 10:27 p.m.

So, Diary Survivor 4 is coming up and I did sign up to participate. I'm not sure why really though. I have been going through the past three contests and I'm just not sure if I'll even make it past the first round, if I even get accepted. Although I did get accepted to the last one and just didn't have the time and god knows, I have plenty of time now to do it. Maybe I'll make some new DL friends, that would be really cool.

I need to get some money together, sign up for a super-gold membership again, and get a better design. Like actually pay someone some good money and have something uniquely done for me. This design is dying on me more and more.

I'm anticipating my karaoke machine to come in the mail. I'm sure I didn't mention this, but I bought one a couple of weeks ago. It's a really fancy one, with a small tv screen on it to show the lyrics, a microphone, it plays tapes and CDs. I have always wanted one since I first learned they made them for home use. This store in the mall has all the CD's companies have made to go with them (they're special disks with sound and film for the machine) and they have all my favorite artists and songs. I plan on getting the songs that I sing to Parker and recording them with my voice so he can listen to me even when I'm not there. And I've always wanted to make complation tapes for my best friends and stuff to make my gifts more special and this is the perfect way! Not to mention if anyone gets drunk enough and the machine is in reaching distance I can embarrass everyone with it.

I have this itching need to write more fanfiction or porn. Interesting how the two go hand and hand for me. I've been addicted to ER lately and wish they would put the series on DVD like the companies are doing with all other top shows. I miss Lucy a ton. She was the character played by Kellie Martin and I always thought her and Carter belonged together. I'm a hopeless romantic. :) Plus, Noah Wiley is completely hot. Him, Shane West, and my Jamesy (as in Van Der Beek).

Okay, enough talk about guys that no one even thinks belong on the hotness scale.

I'm off to bed early. I just need to get myself to go and apply for that job and write some smut involving Lucy and Carter.




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